Love never fails, church of God wake up!

Our name and or our identity is not important, it is time that the glory of God reveals itself. And that the kingdom of God becomes a hope for all of His creation. Yes i believe that the church has become the biggest stumbling block to find the will of God end to become a follower of Christ. But in that same believe, there is hope. Hope that God is trying to wake up the church.

Who is God, do you reallly know God?

As a human, we or not capable to have a clear image of God, we or not capable to fully understand his ways. Tis is a concept that must be clearly shown if we want to speak about God and accept in our hearts that we never fully understand his wish.

As a believer in God and a christian (by His word, not true a church) in life we must make sure that we do not destroy another life in or teachings about God and how we read his word. The way we read the bible must be open for corrections, as human we all read the same words but explain it in a different way. We or offen sure that we have the answer to eternal life by believing that christ died for or sins, but fail to live a life in that same grace he has given us. Jesus is very clear about tis, and his teachings do not contain grace for those that do not live in the same grace he has given to us. But we fail to see that he is talking about us, and fail to respect his grace as gift in fear of sin. Must of the time it because we dont have a correct image about God, so who is God?

God, is The Father, The Son and The holy Spirit. We ourselves or not God but we or connect and relate it to God. As we believe that God created this world, we or all his children by human birth. This means that we are all related to every human on this earth as a brother or sister. We all inherit a small part from His personality and we all have the right to His love. As God loves His creation and his children, he finds ways to communicate with us. So that we can find His peace and rest to enjoy as he gives. One of the greatest gifts to humanity is the freedom of choice. We have a choice to get to know Him, we have a choice to ignore Him. Tis not the will of God that we live our lives as a poppit. Just the opposite, to be creative to make the best of our lives end when we know God we can be thankful from or heart. When we our thankful from our heart, we will find a way of life that not many have found. We will get to know His grace, love, rest end true happiness. He will give his spirit in a way that we can share His grace, love, rest en happiness. The spirit will guide us to be kind end good, to be patient and gentle to all of His creation. He will give self-control as we need it, so that we can love those who hates end angers us.

So God is love. You may ask, if God is love why is life so unjust? End why do disasters like a tsunami happen? Those or 2 questions we should all have, the answer is fairly simple. As we received a freedom of choice we also received with it responsibility. Not just the responsibility to humans but also to take care of this planet.That is a responsibility we all like to ignore in one way or another. Some humans over emphasize on animals, some on nature and some on humans. Therefore it is important that we find a balance in or harmony of life and consider the consequences from our actions to all 3 factors. Even when we go shopping the consequences of what we buy have a effect on all 3 factors.
It is in or human nature that we try to reconcile ourselves by giving the blame to others or to blame the government and institutions or the big companies. But we are all guilty of sin and we guilty of supporting the big companies, the moment be buy there product we support what they do. Or when there is injustice in the world, we should stand up en speakup. So that the government know that we want to see justice. And that we will support them when they need to go to war to save lives on the other side of the planet. I don't claim that war is a solution to resolve injustice, but it may be need it to overcome a leader. So we or all guilty of destroying this planet and we or all guilty of corruption. If God killed all humans that or guilty for destroying His planet or guilty of corruption, we our all dead. So yes, God is love. And every second we our alive it is by His mercy and grace for the humans. If a disaster is happening it is our own fault (a human error). And yes God have shown and warned the humans from the beginning, and when we die we can only plead for grace and mercy in His love. Because we are responsible!

Jezus Christ the way of life

In all christian communities, we believe that Jesus christ have set a example in life.We believe that he was blameless from all sin and in this way reconciled humanity from condemnation. But as much as we believe in His mercy and grace for His creation, we believe we have the answers to know all right from wrong. We have an unwritten code of life that keeps away all that doe not fit in our own view of His word. But because of our own stubbornness our own view brings nothing more then limit to the grace of God. Do not misunderstand me, there or limits to the grace and mercy of God. But God looks to the heart and not just what we say en do. There is no possible way we can earn or ticket in to heaven. Only by His Grace and mercy. So please, do not love the institutes of the church but love God, the Father of heaven and earth.

Jesus instructions our simple and righteous, He fulfill the law and point out what's important to the Father. But many christians do not study His words, but rather seek their comfort in the following letters. Because of this most christians lose their view from God's heart, and seek in the rest of script for confirmation of there view. As so we twist His word to make sure that bible confirms or theology no matter what the consequences. In some cases the consequences can lead to suicide, exclusion and loneliness. These simple but devastating fruits of the things we uphold to one and other. Jesus made sure He was clear, that those who uphold laws, will be judged by the law. And the tears and blood from His children that became a victim of there fruits. Will be paid for, those men/teachers have successfully gone beyond the grace and mercy from God.

But how do we follow in the path that Jesus has prepared for us? That is not a question a human can anthser for another. Everyone has to find his own way to fulfill his life. In this search we have to see the results en fruits of our life. To check ourselves is to see that use fruits or the same as the fruits of love and not the fruits of hate. In time as you grow in finding the way you or living your life, you start see the corruption and false teachings that we as Christians take for granted but or not the will of the Father. Do not lose your hope, but thank God for showing you and pray that there eyes may open. And keep a open mind for the will of the Father.

Let 1 Corinthians 13 be a lifestyle. This way you will cher his love, hope and righteousness by faith. This way you can shine the light of God in this world. (As is His will. Matthew 5:14-15)